Fishing Basics -Getting Set up

Fishing Basics -Getting Set up  tackle box

At this point of your journey of Getting Set up, walking into a tackle shop for your fishing basics can be overwhelming with all the fishing gear available. I hope I can  guide you through it and  help you simplify what you  will need. also picking up a Knot tying guide will be  a great help

Rod Selection

When it comes to Rods Selection  there are literally 100’s of styles,  sizes and brands to choose between.  Selecting a fishing rod can make your head spin.

My Advice for somebody just learning to fish, would be not to spend hundreds of dollars on your first rod,  you can always upgrade your as your skills progress and your love for fishing grows.  Brands like Shimano, Diawa and Berkely make great rods for all skill levels.

I can still remember getting My first fishing rod,  it was a $10 rod……

Estuary Fishing

If you’re wanting to focus on estuary fishing I would suggest using a rod length of 7 ft ( makes it easy for casting and landing your fish ). Also look for a medium action rod ( most rods have this written on them ). Most rods these days are all made from graphite and that’s what you want so they are stronger, and more sensitive than fiberglass ( meaning you feel more bites ),

Reel Selection,

So now its time to start looking at Reels, this is where things can get complicated if your a beginner.

Generally,  if your just starting out you will want to buy a spin reel, just because they are a lot easier to use then a baitcaster ( over  head ) reel or a side caster. When it comes to Reel size you ideally want something between a 2500 – 3000 size Reel so  you can hold a good amount of 8-10lb monofilament fishing line.

When selecting your Reel you also check how many ball bearings are in the reel, this is  usually on the spool or the  body  of the reel, The more Ball bearings the reel has, the better  it will cast and the smoother the  entire reel will feel.

Personally I use a Diawa Shinobi 2000 series Reel pair to a Diawa shinobi Rod.  This set up works well   when  you are a bit more advanced and playing a fish.

Time to look at some of the  Basic fishing tackle

When it comes Fishing tackle there is really no hard and fast Rules. The only  difference will be if you are freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing,  Bait fishing or using lures. .

Most tackle shops will usually stock pre made saltwater, freshwater, and target species packs. They  usually come with everything needed in tackle to get fishing.  But, if your like me and want to build your own tackle box, then there will be a few  important items you will be needing.

Firstly you will need to look and hooks,  I would  recommend starting with size ‘5-0 circle hooks, they  generally keep your bait on the hook better and make bait presentation more natural.  They are also a lot easier to remove from the fish as 90% of the time the fish will  be hooked nicely in the jaw .

Next thing you will need is sinkers ( weights ) and swivels.  I generally keep a few different weight bean sinkers  in my tackle box  just to accommodate for different strength currents,

Next will be trace, ( heavier line to run from your swivel  to your hook).  As a generally rule  i never go higher than 4lb difference than my main  line    Example: If I’m using 8lb monofilament line my trace wont be heavier than 12lb unless I’m targeting certain a species that i know will need heavier trace.

A few other handy items to have are  definitely be a knife , some  pointy nose pliers, a measuring stick and fish scaler if you your planning on keeping your fish,

Fishing locations and times to fish – let’s get ready

  • So now you’re all gear up and ready to go test your new tackle out, slow down. Before you do that you might need to do a little pre-fishing planning. Sure you can just go and find a beach or a pier to fish, and sit all day and maybe get lucky.BUT, if your like me a want to have a great time while maximizing your chance of catching your dream fish there are a few things to consider,
  • Tides
  • Time of day
  • weather
  • bait selection                                                 

    Planning My Fishing Trip

    When I decide to go fishing I always start my plan the day before.

  • First thing I ask myself is ” ok What time am I going to go fishing in the morning or in the evening “?   I personally prefer fishing evening into night
  • Next thing is my location, am I going to a beach,a pier or the river?
  • Then I check is tides, tides play such a crucial part of fishing,  If your not on the tide the bite will be very hard to get going. Ideally you want to be fishing the hour before high tide, so you can fish the incoming tide ( when predator fish start to hunt) at the top of the tide the bite may slow down for an hour or so, then the outgoing tide.
  • Next thing I look at is weather, If it’s raining, stormy or windy, well I guess fishing is out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            So now we have decided if where we are going to fish, what time we are going fishing, made sure the tides are good.   Now we need bait,  basically when I choose bait I want to select something that the fish in the area would target. In rivers I like prawns, and white bait ( small bait fish ) anywhere near the ocean, I generally go for squid, mullet, sea worms.

Time to enjoy – fishing and learning.

Now you have a few fishing basics down and a nice starting tackle box, rod and reel it’s time to go and enjoy your new found hobby and feel the excitement of catching and landing your first fish. After 30 years of fishing I still to this day remember the excitement your about feel. These few basic steps will get you started and on the way to become a confident fisherman.

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About Fishing for Beginners

Welcome Friends,

To fishing for beginners, I have been fishing in Australia since I was old enough to hold a rod. I can still remember the excitement of catching my first fish, reeling it in so excited to see just what I caught.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Learning How to Fish

It was not just not  just the excitement of landing that fish, but knowing I was learning how to fish! I did it my little mind was thinking. I put what I was taught in to practice and I CAUGHT A FISH! Now I am grown but  to me fishing is still a great way of letting go of daily stress.

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Fishing in Australia

Fishing in Australia can be frustrating if you are just learning how to fish and don’t know where to start.  I would love to help you with some tips so you can experience the fun of catching and landing you first fish!  My favorite is primarily saltwater estuaries land and boats I love them both.


THE GOAL OF Fishing for Beginners

Here at Fishing for beginners, my goal is to help you   I love  sharing my knowledge and the  little tips and tricks, I have picked up along the way.  I will review and give you advice on the fishing gear I love  and recommend  to get you pointed in the right direction and land that dream fish!!

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